Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday School

I have a special little boy in my Sunday School class that will be leaving to go to the Middle East in April.  We had a celebration and the weekend we were hosting just happened to be his birthday too.
I just love this see all of them laughing in full throttle is hilarious.
I adore these little people and will miss them when we leave.
Of course, we always use the globe to show everyone where....the middle east is and where Ohio is...they usually laugh as Ohio is soooo close and the middle east is so must take years to get there.  I will have another post on this special family too.  We were able to babysit for them a few weeks before we left and the three boys were a riot.  The girls had sooo much fun!!
Scarlett and her little friend, Lola.  We will miss the Cottle family too!
I think about Stephen James daily.  I know that he will be in good hands.
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The Gardner's said...

love all the updates - so thankful to have you close to us.... can't wait to come see those cute girls again and spend time with them... *instead of your boxes....even though that was fun to.