Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Our sweet friends, Jamie and Will had a really cool birthday party for their son Ethan.

As you will see my kids were about the only ones on the couch.

About the only animal my girls liked was the rabbit, but the snake and other animals were pretty cool too.

Ethan was having a great time touching these creatures.

All the boys wanted in on the fun...

They even let the kids hold and touch the snake...ewww...

I love this picture of the kids faces.

Of course, Jamie can make some serious cake.

She is booked every weekend making cakes.  They are incredible.

The kids couldn't wait to dive into the cake!!

Last but not least, I had to snap a quick picture of the only living animal my kids touched.  The rabbit!!  Maybe they will get one for Easter, or maybe get a stuffed one!

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