Saturday, March 17, 2012


We had such a fun play date with these boys.
We went on a walk, wait, I went on a walk, they went on a run.
It was so cute as they held hands just running into the evening.
of course, SJ thought he saw a snake in the girls were screamin and runnin
You like how Willow is the one pulling the wagon with everyone in it. 
These next couple pictures are adorable.  S just planted a kiss on Scarlett's you can see, she was giggling away.
But even after the plant on the cheek, they were the best of buds.
And then he went in for the cheek again, and she wasn't too sure about it.  That is when I finally had to make them stop as I was in so much pain from laughing so hard.
These two wonderful people were out for the night and it was a pleasure to watch 2 of their 3 beautiful and fun boys.  If you want to know more about this unbelievable couple and the amazing things they are doing.  Just ask, they have made an impact on our life in the year that we have known them. 
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