Friday, March 23, 2012


Goodbyes are never really easy.  Scarlett's teacher has been out due to maternity leave and Katherine's mom (Dusty) was teaching Scarlett's preschool class.  Dusty has her teaching degree and will probably continue to teach at the Christian Private School where Scarlett attended.  Katherine was one of Scarlett's little friends and they loved playing together. 
On Wednesdays during bible study, Ms. Fran/Ms. Norma watch Willow and love all over her.  She is going to miss seeing them weekly.
My wonderful teacher, counselor and bible scholar Ms. Linda.  She has made such an impact on my life and I have been studying with her for about 4 years.  I started precepts studies with her and have learned so much truth about the bible.  I am so thankful that God has put such an amazing person in my life.
After study, we were off to the local airport, Highjackers for lunch.
Scarlett and Adam Jr.  A few of us girls met up for lunch but when we were ready to leave these two silly kids climbed up to their own table and just sat their and giggled.  I love the simplicity of this picture.  Giggle away children!
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