Friday, March 09, 2012

Pit Stop

Ryan and I adventured up to Cincinnati to find a rental until we decide to buy.  On our way through town we stopped at a local Subway, Dunkin Donuts and I realized I was officially up north.  You see, down south, this Dunkin Donuts wouldn't even be big enough.  In our small southern town of Palm Coast, Dunkin Donuts is happening, its lined up...ALL day.  I remembered when I saw DD in Palm Coast and thought, oh, it will never survive.  I was wrong.  The southerners (or people that moved from New Jersey) love them some DD.  But after all, Friends don't let Friends drink Starbucks. of the the houses that we looked at....needless to say, this is the only picture from that house I wish to share.  They might have spent $20,000 on the bathroom but the whole house was worth about $21,000.
We stopped by this fabulous little Thai place to eat in Mason.  I hope to find the name and go back.  I would link it up so you can check out the amazing menu.  Until then, you can check out the wonderful plates that we inhaled.  This was one of the best dinners for sure.
of course, Ryan loves him a good picture in the middle of a meal.  Yes, he rolled his eyes but what a great picture, eh?
Ryan's dinner....he ate a little bit of mine and loved it.
Scarlett's new school.  I really can't believe that my little girl is getting so big and will be in Kindergarten.  We had a hard time finding a house, let alone finding a school to go with it.  We almost signed another house until we learned that the school would be at least a 25 minute drive.  This one is about 2 miles from our house and I will be able to drop her off and pick her up everyday.  She will only go to school from 9ish until noonish....which I am stoked about.  We will be able to pick her up and play all afternoon. (although with three in August, a little adjustment may be needed)
As we flew back into Florida from our little trip to our new town, I will admit, I was a bit sad.  I saw this beautiful shot as I was reading my study under the tree.  It read something of this sort from Rev. 21:23.  ---City has no need of sun or moon, the glory of God illuminates the city and the Lamb is its light. ---- This is amazing to me and reminds me that this is just our temporary home on earth, no need to get all in a tizzy about moving from one state to another.  On another funny note, about a week later, Scarlett was asking if we sleep in heaven, she can't imagine sleeping with the lights on...ha.

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