Saturday, March 24, 2012


Of course we had to go to Disney before heading north.
And Scarlett felt the need to strap Mickey into the stroller.

Daddy and his girls
Getting ready for the fun mid-day parade.  Take note of Willow "not hiding" behind me.
This is pretty much what she did during the parade.  It was hysterical.  I am not sure why my wild child was not out dancing too but she was scared of those people on those tall sticks, or so she said.
The action
and yes, Willow still hiding but trying to peek out so she doesn't miss anything.
After the parade is over, they throw confetti
And we pick up every last piece of confetti, I am pretty sure its their favorite part of Disney.
A few friends were also going to Disney the same weekend.  It was Ayden's birthday but it wasn't like we followed the Peterson's around.  We all did our own thing.
Loving the train ride.

We were trying to get a picture with birthday boy but he was not having it with all the girls and the baby so I really don't have any of him.
The girls getting ready for the afternoon parade.  Too precious, too little....wishing they would stay this way.
When we were going to another ride, we ran into one of Scarlett's friends from school.  I am not sure what the chances are for running into someone you know at Disney but we can say it happened.
Disney is so fun, exhausting and quite the experience.  My girls love the parades, the characters and of course strapping in the characters like they are dolls.  I am not even sure they know that Magic Kingdom has TONS of rides.  It's still magical no matter what you do at the park.
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