Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Date night

We took full advantage.

I will admit it.

We had a babysitter.

For free.

Grandma and Grandpa babysat the kids for two hours while we went out on our first date in the Date Experiment. A friend of a friend's church up in Arkansas was offering this little experiment, and so we thought we would give it a try.

We are always working on our marriage, the way we communicate and the way that we want to raise our children. Ok, I won't get all gooey on you, so i will stop with that.

However, they have different parts of the date and with every stop you have to take a picture.

Here is a little fun from our night.

Part 1:
Ryan and I went to this unique little place right down the road from my grandparents condo.

Let me give you a sprinkle of our waiter experience. So the date card said that the waiter had to pick our meals and that we could pick one stipulation. We decided NO spicy food. Well, when we told him this, he said "no, not me, i am having the worse possible day." and we said, we won't be mad, pick anything.

So, the waiter (Stephan) treated us well, we had yummy rolls and bacon house salad. He picked fried catfish for me (yummmmmy) and a mushroom cheesy onion smothered chicken thing with baked potato for ryan. Needless to say by the end of the night, he (Stephan) was quite cheerful and ended up having a great night. We were so thankful to cheer him up.


highlights from our dinner conservation:
- we might own an RV someday...ha
- would we rather be really cold (ryan) or really hot(jill)?
- what would God be proud of in our marriage? mmm...thats between us

In route to the next destination we had to drive with the car
REALLY HOT or REALLLY COLD (from part 1) ....after doing Rock, paper, scissors...

well, you can read the data in the car and see who won...heheh


at one point, Ryan said, " i can't wait to get back to the girls" and i said "oh thats sweet" and he said, " yah, i might pass out in this heat"

the last part of the date, Part 3:
go into a store, you have 10 minutes and 2$ to buy something for your spouse you think they have never tried...

Ryan bought me "pudding bread or bread pudding" ... i tried one bite and gave it to grandma
Jill bought Ryan " de luche carmel ice cream" ...he inhaled it

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We had an amazing time although we made some modifications to the date to fit our time. We will let you know how the next few dates go.

Let me know if you try it too!!

and thanks Grandpa and Grandma, it really was a treat for us.

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