Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day in the Life

Scarlett working on clothes on her magnet board. This week we were talking about how ...i is for igloo, and you have to be warm to be in the snow and etc.


Scarlett is such a big girl helper, she helped me mop the entire kitchen floor. I thought it would last for 5 minutes, but she helped until the very end. mmmm, maybe one more year and I won't even have to do it...tempting.


So, I know you would think that our little Princess Scarlett would NEVER act out.

Ha, I am so not that parent. I wish I was.

We had to do a little grumpy and happy chart. (7 dwarf theme)

It was this whole scenario:

i wanttttt milk, i neeeedddd paint, i don't like that, grr, ahhh,

we couldn't take the attitude anymore, so we told her that when she makes us happy like "excuse me, or thank you, or yes please, or can i have please have...then she would get a happy face.


Now that we have done it for about 4 days, it has made a big difference, I just hope after the chart that it continues.

We had been talking about going to Disney around Ryan's birthday, so we will see if that is her reward...However, we are thinking the FREE downtown Disney would suit her fine.

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