Saturday, March 27, 2010

Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder what we get in the mail?

probably not, as I never really thought about it until just the other day.

it usually consist of daddy stuff and mommy stuff

Daddy usually gets his sports magazine and mommy loves to get the pottery barn magazine...

I bet you wondered...ha


Did you ever wonder what happens when we visit a consignment shop for kids?

Yep, I walk out with lots of stuff and usually lots of games.

I bought this Dora ABC game. But wasn't really impressed with it. So if you see it and you think you might want to buy it, I would pass. It just doesn't line up like it should. The letters and sounds are NOT beginning sound pictures. Good thing it only cost 1$, as I will just put it out for Scarlett to match letters and not really talk about the pictures on the other side for sound (it will confuse her) ...just like i probably confused you..

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