Sunday, March 07, 2010

Downtown Disney

So the big weekend came and went like nobody's business.

I ran the Disney 1/2 marathon. Yep, you read it!

I actually finished the Disney marathon. Yep, you read that right too.

I even got a medal at the end. Yep, not sure it was worth it.

5560....yep, that was my place out of 10924 runners... you had to beat the 16 minute mile or they pick you up. Rumor had it that they had 13,000 runners.

the average pace was 2:41 and i think i finished the 13 miles in 2:37...

goal for next year: to beat that time....ha

Anyways, we had a group of about 20 girls that all wore the same shirt and ran the race. I didn't take any pictures of us at the race because another girlfriend had a camera(i am hoping to get them soon and i will post)

Ashley and some girlfriends flew into town for the race, so we took Ashley out the night of the race. We just stayed in Orlando for a few days.

Aunt Ashley with the girls outside of the Rainforest Cafe.


Girl Picture


you know like

where's Waldo

this picture is

Where's Scarlett?


did you find her in the above picture, it was at lego land and little ms. s just blended right in.

Aunt Ashley was able to spend a few hours with the girls, it was great

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