Friday, March 19, 2010

Random from Christmas

My wonderful husband bought me a new camera for Christmas. Well, I didn't download pictures from my old camera until now and found some pictures from way back in November and December (pre-nice camera days) you see a difference in quality??

Anyways, words can't describe how funny this picture really to find out the picture and see if you can guess the game before it appears.

You know the game

Well, every time you hit the metal on metal it goes


and Scarlett wanted to get the bone with




and she didn't even


notice the buzzzzzzing sound


we were going on like


five minutes with this buzzing sound


my mom seriously just about fell off her chair laughing


we had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.


did you know the game??

Because we were laughing so hard, after she got the little bone out, she decided to laugh. But she wasn't really sure what we were laughing about.


Scarlett was veggin at my moms for a nap, and we just threw willow there too. Scarlett decided that Willow needed to nap with a baby too.


At the Lehman Christmas, Scarlett swindled Nana into sitting with her at their OWN table.
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