Sunday, March 07, 2010

Scarlett and her excitement

My parents sent down an Easter surprise for the girls and Scarlett had so much fun opening everything.


She liked that my mom had cut out the shape of an Easter egg and wrote "scarlett" on it and willow even had one too, she just couldn't believe it. She seriously is still holding on to them. Go figure.


I tried to take a picture of Scarlett washing her dishes. After she clears the plates away from the table she puts them in her sink, it was just too cute.


A girlfriend who happens to be a single mother needed help with her boys. She is taking a class on Tuesday nights and needed some help. So i offered to help watch her boys when I could. Ryan is usually gone by Tuesday so this will work out for us to have supper and then she can go to her class. COle is so good with Willow. Her other little boy Jamie is Scarlett's age and they have so much fun together.

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