Wednesday, March 31, 2010

days in the life of the butlers

Daddy must of taken this shot before church a few weeks back, because I did Sunday school and they both showed up FULLY dressed with shoes to church. AND yes, i layed clothes out but sometimes Ryan is not sure what goes with what...i am waiting for the day that Scarlett is in Willow's clothes, and yes, she can fit into them. We are thinking of just telling Scarlett that her clothes are in Willow's dresser.


I have waited long and hard for this spinner. This is the salad spinner from Pampered Chef that I have wanted for a long time. My bible study leader had a party and I so badly wanted to go and get this spinner. I prepped Ryan about it for like 2 weeks, to warn him that it wasn't cheap.

He told me to get it, so I felt ok spending it... (its like 60.00ish, ok, I am not sure i told him the final price, so don't tell him) I just told him it was expensive and sometimes when i tell him that, i think he thinks its 30.00...(not sure)


Scarlett was so excited to get a package in the mail. This one was a little different. She said, "what grandma mommy, what grandma?? and i thought to myself,
all the grandparents had sent packages for Easter, what is going on.

Well, it was from a dear friend from high school, that i have rekindled friendship with, Sonya Plummer, she had sent a package SPOILING the girls and myself...

ugh, the hairbows were SOOO cute and Willow really needed a baby suit too... Scarlett was so excited. I feel bad when Willow can start opening her own stuff because Scarlet might just lose it.
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It was really nice to get the package AND thank you grandparents for spoiling the girls. We really didn't do Easter baskets for the girls, maybe down the road we will get more into it and buy more. Scarlett got something little from mommy and daddy, and well, Willow got kisses and hugs (oh, and an egg)...

I did the resurrection eggs with Scarlett this year and she really enjoyed it. She is very into the tomb and the rock that was moved, because it had to have been SOOO heavy.

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