Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pappaw and Nana

Two days in a row, Scarlett received packages. Grandparents treat her well, about a week prior, Ingold grandparents sent the girls things too.

We are very blessed to have such wonderful parents.

Scarlett was pulling stuff out as fast as she could.


Scarlett was telling us all about the veggie tales and what their names were.

Scarlett even opened up Willow's gifts. She had to bust into her room before I could stop her and I found her in the crib. I have tried to tell her that she can't climb in there.

She was just so excited to show her a few things.


They also sent us "mcGruff" the crime dog that they bought at the Sterling Auction. McGruff was at my school when i was little. He taught us to say NO to drugs and bad things. We have decided at the age of three to tell Scarlett that he is "McGruff" maybe we will give her another year on the "crime" word.

Although, speaking of which, she walked out of the store the other day with M&M's, she said that she gave them to the lady ...i said which lady, she said your lady mommy... i quickly got out my receipt and sure enough the M&M's were on the receipt.

Really? What cashier scans candy for kids? and REALLY? where was I when this transaction was going down in the SMALL checkout aisle.
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