Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ayden

Our little friend Ayden had his 2nd Birthday at the park. Every Thursday, a group of girls from church has a playdate and it usually is at the park but sometimes other places. Usually if its one of the kids birthdays, we do the cupcake thing.

Happy Birthday Ayden. (he is in the red shirt)


Scarlett eating cupcakes...LOVES the icing and then calls it quits.


I was trying to get a picture with Scarlett and she wouldn't pose, so I got one with Caleb first. He comes to our small group learning time on Fridays. His mom, Elizabeth sets up our playdates on Fridays and she is such a wonderful friend.


Finally, got a picture of Scarlett and I at the park. I tend to not get in pictures as I seem to be taking them OFTEN. Willow was chillin in the stroller.

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