Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sticky Things

Stick it here


Stick it there


Stick it everywhere


Thanks to Nana and Pappaw, Scarlett used the sticky "happy easter" things everywhere. They were SUPPOSE to go on the window. They were on the window for about 15 minutes and Scarlett asked if she could take them and put them somewhere else. I said sure as they were like gel like things. Within days, they were spread throughout the house and it was just TOOOO funny as i found them everywhere.

Finally, I gathered them up today and told her that she can only use them on the counter. This is what she ended up doing with them.

She tried explaining her pattern to me.


THanks Nana and Pappaw, we can't wait to send you some stickies when Scarlett comes to your house next....
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