Friday, March 05, 2010

Good times

For the week of G, I designed a mini-grocery store for Scarlett.

I will be honest, i thought she would enjoy it a lot more then she did. Needless to say it was only up and running for a week until I tore it down and put other things there.

I put labels on the food and what department they go with. I was aiming toward the food pyramid/grocery department/learning foods kind of lesson....

Scarlett checking out at the grocery store.


Scarlett working on Sorting.


Willow eating her first little cracker...she was a rock star, she loved it.


Dwayne and Sniffer(Diana) stopped by to visit us for a few hours. They were heading back up north. Sniffer is Aunt Esther's daughter and Aunt Esther is my grandma Hartzler's sister.

ANyways, Scarlett just loved the attention and soaked it right up.

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