Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Due Date

The night before our due date with baby brother we were off to the driving range.  Except Willow's bag got a little top heavy or something.  She just couldn't carry her bag AND her baby.
I haven't seen Scarlett swing for awhile and I was totally impressed.  She has improved on her GAME!!  She is so much fun to watch as she knows what to do with daddy.
Willow on the other hand is just a riot to watch.  Scarlett says she swings like a hockey player and she wants to chase the ball all the way down the range.  She thinks that since we usually "fetch" our balls at home, that she needs to "fetch" them on the driving range.
The girls took a picture of me swinging too.  It was a lot fun but I didn't hit too many.
The next day we surprised Daddy at work.  We brought him brownies, cupcakes and his golf clubs, we thought maybe if we specifically told him to golf that of course Baby Lane would show up...isn't that how it works?
In the car the just the other day, Willow said, Mommy's hair is white, my hair is white.  Daddy's hair is brown, Scarlett's hair is brown.  I guess baby brother's hair will be pink.... This picture was taken at lunch in KENTUCKY baby along the Ohio River.  I think Ryan wanted to eat quickly so we didn't have this baby in KY....His office is just over the river, as he works down town.  KY and Ohio have so many cute and neat places to eat along the riverside.  The girls loved looking for the beavers below and it was a beautiful day!

Later in the evening we FINALLY went to the local ice cream spot that EVERYONE talks about.  We have only been here for how many months and haven't visited this one yet.  Every day we pass it the girls just drool at the signs, rides and ice cream pictures.  We finally went!!!
I tried to take a picture of the road behind it and the "Sign."  The girls always eat ice cream in a cup. 
But since it was called the cone, Scarlett tried her FIRST cone and loved it!!
It was a fun evening, wasn't too hot and the ice cream was perfect.  Baby Lane, we are not sure when you are going to make your presence but we are trying to patiently wait it out.  I have been dilated to 4 for about two weeks now and have thought a few times I was actually in labor.  We will probably have to schedule an induction if he doesn't arrive by next Monday.  I guess he is late and stubborn just like his momma!!
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