Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten

Last Friday, Daddy took Scarlett to her "open house/meet the teacher."  I didn't go because it was the only day I could get Lane into the doctor and because I figured daddy could handle it.  He said everything went well and that we were going to love the teacher for the year!  I was so excited to hear this as I was SOOO nervous about who she was going to get as a teacher.  (i guess its the nerdy teacher in me)

I took this picture the day before school, she was strolling through the kitchen, she was on her way to catch a flight to Florida.  I love spending time with this girl, I love to see her imagination, her naiveness, her creativeness, her personally.  I am so glad I only have to send her half day so I can watch her grow the rest of the time.

She is an amazing big sister, daddy and mommy are so proud of her!

The morning of Kindergarten!  Yes, I made a cake for the teacher but figured she would like a little treat!

My cuteness goofball!

The typical picture, but will come in handy in years to come.

Of course, Willow had to get in on the action.

I promise I didn't give her sugar this morning!

Finally, a nice pose of Daddy and his big girl!

Mommy and her girls

Her teacher, Mrs. Kuhn.  She is sooo sweet and Scarlett just loves her!

At this point, I am pretty sure Scarlett is rolling her eyes at me.

But I had to get one more, even though I probably should have kept my sleep deprived eyes covered with sunglasses...ha

Willow will start going to school for 2 days in a few weeks.  She will go 2 days a week, just in the morning, the same time Scarlett is in school.  When we got home from dropping off Scarlett, Willow said she was ready to do some school we did some work on our cutting skills.

I packed a lunch for the girls, and right after school we zipped over to the park.  The girls loved it, I loved it, I promise I am not a hot mess but time is flying by in their little young years. She did great on her first day, no tears and she wants to go back!  I was able to keep it together as I have been a mess this past week, I blamed it on having a baby!

Sometimes my days are frustrating, sometimes my days are long, sometimes I wonder why I don't go back to work, sometimes I think how inadequate I am as a mom, sometimes I wonder if I am a good Christian role model....but I just can't get over how lucky I am to watch the grow everyday at home with me.  Thank you Daddy for all of your love and support!

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The Gardner's said...

lol... Scarlett is growing up so fast! Love all the pictures!!!