Saturday, August 04, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Willow!!!

Happy 14th Birthday my oldest niece Molly!!!

It was a butterfly themed party.  I attempted these butterfly cupcakes from an idea I saw on pinterest.
Happy Birthday to Uncle Alex too!!
Willow was just enjoying every minute!
Molly is such a big girl and man do the years fly by.  I feel like it was yesterday that she was born!
Uncle Alex was such a great sport at the girly birthday party!!
Who doesn't like a present or two.....
Willow has a thing for a lot of umbrella would be one of them.
When Aunt Joanna asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  She told them a guitar....I should have guessed.  I thought she would have said a Barbie but she hasn't put the guitar down.
Of course you can't have a butterfly party without the wings and flying.....Cooper as butterfly!
I am not sure that Willow will ever live this picture down.
I just had to add this picture into the mix.  See parties are a lot of fun, but talking is at the top.  I don't personally love this picture as I am due to have baby any day and I look angry (which i really wasn't).  See at this point in the conversation, I guess Joy was snapping pictures.  I was reminding Doug and Amy of when I got blamed for something that I didn't do....and guess what, they said...yah, i know.  See, something had happened that I had to sit in time out sorta thing and I didn't do it and we were reminiscing....oh, and might I add that my sister Amy (who is folding tissue paper) is due in Nov and yes all the kids were listening to our discussion....ha
When you find Willow, you will usually find my dad.  Pawpaw helping Willow with her cupcake.
The girls enjoying lunch.
The "big kid" cousin table.
Birthday girl enjoying her food!
Uncle Milan asking the kids how old they are and they are trying to get their fingers to work.
Thanks to my super awesome hubby for grilling a ton of chicken and hotdogs in the heat!
The kids running around and jumping off the steps to pretend they are butterfly's.
This is what a fun birthday party will do to ya.  Willow is drinking a juice, holding her baby, taking a break.  Your real birthday is on August 26 but we celebrated a little early.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!
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