Friday, August 17, 2012

Just a peek around the house

So over at Kelly's Blog she has bloggers link up to show us their front porches and etc.  I can't wait to decorate our front and back porch with pumpkins.  I have started the inside of the house and my hubby is laughing, telling me that "fall" doesn't start until September.  But with the baby on the way, I wanted to start.
I want to add pumpkins and etc to our back porch door area that resembles this picture below.  I don't want to buy the pumpkins too early so that they don't rot away.

 I am in love with this front door from pinterest.  I would love to make a "B" like this for my front door.  If you click into the picture, you will see that they painted the white pumpkin too.  

I really want to turn my back porch into this FALL beautiful picture!  I just need to start picking up pumpkins.

 I just love this wreath too and I think it would be easy to copy and make it. 

Right now, my front door looks like this and I am in the midst of making a fall wreath to resemble some of the above pictures and I want to add some pumpkins.  I guess I am just loving that since we moved to Ohio, I feel like I can do more things with pumpkins then in Florida.  It was just so hot in Florida till Thanksgiving that it didn't really sound too fun buying pumpkins in August. 

Side note:  Willow will not take off the tutu and she loves her shirt - off to put these items in hiding.

Scarlett wanted to grab a picture of us posing by the front door...i guess my head is over -rated, didn't need that in the pic...ha.  This picture was taken just a few hours before I went into labor. 
Decided to add a few pictures of Lane's nursery too.  I found this red vintage chair at a church sale and I feel like its the best $50.00 I have spent in awhile.  I am in love with it.  You have to stop over and try it.  
The changing table wall.  I fell in love with the little red stool by the table for the girls to stand on.  They will love helping little Lane.  It was a steal deal and marked down for $9. too!  If you click on the picture, the LJ was so fun to make with scrapbook paper and mod podge.
This bookshelf was going to the trash before we moved and I convinced my husband to keep it. 
Instead of repainting it, I used mod podge and scrapbook paper again.  And well, Scarlett was helping too!!
Soaked that glue on that baby and that is how I ended up with the polka dot background in the above picture.  We figured it will work for now until..... well, maybe I find another steal deal at a garage sale or want to paint it another color.

Another neat part of the nursery was done by my wonderful Grandma Hartzler, she is such an amazing christian woman and I have so many great memories of her and grandpa from my childhood till now.  
I just love that the girls think that Grandma Hartzler is soo cool.  When she came to visit us in Florida, she read to the girls before bed and they just LOVED it.  When we list our grandparents, they usually list Grandma and Grandpa Hartzler - its sorta hard to explain that they are actually their great grandparents, they just don't understand it.  It is such a blessing that we are able to be closer to them and give our children so many memories with their wonderful family. 
The crib with the Lane pictures behind it.  We are loving the crib sheets that we designed.  Grandma Hartzler sewed the bottom skirting with the striped material = LOVE!  She is also finishing some pillow cases that I decided to add to the room last minute.
We can't wait for our little buckeye to join us.  We are so ready.  It's a good thing he is running a few days late because we were able to finish some last minute touches. 
Speakin of our little buckeye, I made these little treats for the nurses and doctors at the hospital or really anyone that stops in to help us.
I thought a little treat would be sweet for putting up with a prego chick having a baby.  The little sayin at the top says....The third little buckeye has joined the Butler family.  (and of course the bag has three little buckeyes in it)
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2Dimples4Me said...

Congrats on the new addition! He is so adorable! Im not a Buckeye fan but I love your enthusiasm and the nursery. The little gifts (buckeye bags) were a neat idea. Congrats, Jill and Ryan!

Emily V. said...

Congrats on your new arrival. I found you from Kellys Korner. Love all the pumpkins and of course the monogram on the door and pumpkins. Check out my front porch. I love all things monogrammed and thought you might too. Check them out!

Facebook: The Polka Dot Poodle

I can do a vinyl lettering B that you can apply to a pumpkin if you are interested. Hope all is going well with little Lane.