Thursday, August 23, 2012

oh girls

The girls had a great time with the grandparents, cousins and friends up in Wayne County.  (which is about 3 hours from where we live in cincy).  This is a picture of their preferred seating in Pawpaws mini van.  It was nice to get a few days with just mommy, daddy and baby. 
The girls playing school at Pawpaw and grandma Bonnie's house.

It was really nice to have them return.  We have been so spoiled with the girls getting gifts and Lane getting all sorts of gifts too!

Willow opening her barbie car from Grandma I-I.  Grandma I-I took Scarlett school shopping so she was all excited to show us her new outfits too!

Grandma Pearl who is the mother of my mother in law, who is in the chair holding Lane, gave Willow this adorable purple tu-tu...of course when we told her to pose, she had to put her hands on  her hips.

 It felt like Christmas!!!

The Kopecs thought we needed a few more "lipsticks," skirts and sunglasses...imagine that, accessories for my girls.  and All the clothes, diapers and wipes was an added bonus for Lane.

The adorable red and gray snuggles was made by my sister, Amy's ....sister in law.... Thank you Lynn Baltic.  I LOVE IT! 

Willow....lets give an update about her.  She is in love with Lane.  She ADORES Lane.  She wants to do everything and get everything for him.  I have pumped a few times and it has worked out so that she can "Feed" him.   

One of the first trips I took my little guy to was TARGET.  He has been to the dr but other then that he is caged up in our house.  The adorable outfit was from our pastor and his wife in Florida, thanks Peters family.  He was so rocking the outfit and he was rockin Target.  I so had that grocery baby.  He slept the entire time. 
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