Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Scarlett only has a few more days before she starts Kindergarten so I have been trying to pack in the last few things I wanted to do with the girls.  Nana and Papaw were here for the weekend so we decorated some yummy sugar cookies.
Nana was showing the girls how to apply the frosting on the cookie!
The girls were so busy all weekend, even Scarlett chilled out on the couch and took a nap.  One of the reasons I am posting this picture is because I found it funny that Scarlett had Nana's phone by her when she went to sleep....apparently Nana lets them use her phone = not mommy....
Love this picture of big sister Scarlett holding Lane.  The girls adore him.  I have to tell them to back away or give him space.
Three generations!!!
I have a frame in Lane's room that says "Generations."  So I wanted to get some pictures of when he was a wee-bitty baby!
Of course, the girls didn't know what to think of the photo op going on!!
So we threw the girls into the picture, as you can see it was early Sunday morning so the girls were still in the jammies.
Ryan and little Lane.  You are such a good daddy and spoil all of us rotten!  Thank you Daddy!!
Willow getting her turn with Lane.  This is a picture of Willow on her actual 3rd birthday!!
Lane is captivated by the ball in his bouncer!!
My little old man......he was just exhausted after the weekend of eating and sleeping!
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