Friday, August 24, 2012

momma called the dr....

Papaw and Nana came in for the weekend.  Lane was one week old.
Nana and Lane taking a nap....It was nice to have them in town for an extended weekend as Ryan was able to take Scarlett to her open house while I took Lane to the doctor.  They were able to help watch Willow.

 Lane has been such a good baby, so different then my girls.  I had to snap this picture because this is what he did when I walked into the doctor AND when I was walking out. 

We just started going to this pediatric practice.  They have about 10 doctors but you can request to see the same one if you like.  I was so pleased with Dr. Kellogg (yep, just like Kellogg's cereal).  She was so sweet and just loved on Lane.  At one week, Lane weighed the same that he when he was born, which is a good thing!
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