Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Manic Monday

I figured....3 days before due date, we will be having 3 kids, I will do 3 random acts of kindness.  So I bought donuts for the staff at the OBGYN office for one of the acts.  Plus, can you imagine the drama and women they probably have to put up with in that office...whew, good thing I only see them every time I have a kid.
A sweet friend, Laura and I met when we first moved to the area.  She has two little girls around the same ages as ours.  She is due a week or so after me so we have been traveling through the pregnancy together, although she will end up having hers before me as she is scheduled to deliver soon!  We finally had an apt around the same time and I had to grab a picture!  She is such a sweetheart and made the cutest, I mean the cutest little tie-onesie for me...can't wait to put it on our little guy. 
Later, I had to stop in for some coffee from my Starbucks girls in Kroger and the manager is due about 5 weeks after me.  The girls that work there are so sweet and I had to grab a picture!  I finished up my 2 acts of kindness at the store and was on my merry way!!!  Side note:  I know I am super woman but my, do those fan/feather looking things above my head make me look like I could fly away....NICE!!
I was able to do a few things by myself because I had a few Baltic girls babysitting in the morning, so I picked them up and we were off for the day.  The girls were loving our clip-on earrings!!!
One of the biggest hits was the "pop" machine at the Noodle Company.  Have you seen these machines?  They are sooo cool.  Or maybe it just makes me a very cool aunt but either way its a win-win situation.   You can make any flavor of any drink that you want, its out of control.  Pretty sure Maddie had like 12 different kinds of drink in one cup.
The girls also tried edamame for the first time.  It was so fun treating them out for lunch and fun because they deserve it and have been helping me so, so much.
Next, we were off to the bowling lanes!!
Scarlett had been bowling once before but it was Willow's first time.  I worked with the older girls on how to bowl, but it probably wasn't too helpful given the circumstances. 
I mean really, I am officially bigger then a bowling ball.  I told Ryan the other day that I think I swallowed a ballon, he was like, well, it might be more like a watermelon....oh the girls thought that was hysterical. 
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