Monday, August 20, 2012

Lane's days

These two little girls are just in love with their little brother.  They will be going with grandparents a few days while mommy and daddy get home with Lane.  It works out to be a nice break and the kids just love spending time with their cousins and grandparents. 
My mom and dad came down to watch the girls and then took them back home after they came to visit a few times. 
It was so cute to watch how infactuated Willow was with him.  They were in just shortly after birth and were able to see some of the fun that Lane goes through on the warmer and with the nurses.
Willow literally sat on the bed and did this most of the time she was there if she didn't have Lane.
Whew...happy camper.  I just love her listening.  I was telling her to hold him tight and she was just loving it!
The girls made this cute little banner and couldn't wait to hang it up. 
And then exhaustion sets in, reality of the delivery and do you see little Lane in bed with me. 
Yes, we have  a baby in that bundle in the little crib...ha....i think the hubby was taking a picture of the baby with the John Deere present.... love my photographer!!
The next day his weight was great but he was not happy being undressed.  Our nurses and staff were amazing.  They treated us so well.  The hospital where I delivered did not have a nursery so little Lane was with me night and day.  I stayed over 24 hours in the hospital because I wasn't able to get the needed antibiotic in me in time.  The nurses took my little buckeye through the night up to their station and passed him around.  I got to know a few of the nurses and they would just chill in my room until another patient called them.  It's so funny to hear all their stories of the hormonal mommas. 

Little Lane fun facts:
Daddy cut the cord after delivery.  WAY TO GO DADDY!!!
We almost changed his name to Koi, I think the signs in the nursery actually made us keep a name.
Mommy delivered without hardly any drugs, yep, you read that right!!
One of my delivery nurses reminded me of one of my best friends moms, Rachelle Dain.  She was beautiful.
The food at the hospital was amazing.
The nurses called Lane little buckeye.
Amber one of our head nurses is super chill and has two little girls, we are going to hang out soon..
Of course they have a breastfeeding app for your phone, why wouldn't they... 
Twizzlers are just a must in our house, especially the purple ones that are only out for a limited time
Each of our babies the first night they are home, watch a sports game with daddy and of course they probably remember.
Mommy is not eating any dairy products for awhile to see if it helps with breastfeeding.
Maybe going to the chiropractor helped, I had no back labor.  

Baby Lane has consumed our lives and its so exciting.  However, school is around the corner for both girls and so is football season!!

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Sarah (Rowland) Lombardo said...

Congratulations!!! Reading this took me back to last summer when we added our little boy to the mix. Two older sisters - he's got the life. They will do so much for him...

(PS - I clicked on this link from one of your FB posts and I'm so glad I did. I have a blog too, but haven't updated it in FOREVER. Reading yours has motivated me.)