Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is my life

Right now I find myself consumed with these little pumpkins.

Every morning we take Scarlett to school in the am

and then we come home and do all sorts of things

but this day was a sweet and special day

because this special little girl wanted to stay home and PLAY.

They really want to put Lane in the little stroller, but I told them that might not be the safest choice.

They really want him to play with their "playhouse and little people."

Usually Willow is entertaining him with her latest toy.

We have been sooo spoiled and receive different gifts and packages in the mail.  Thank you to the Peterson Family for your thoughtful gift!

We love running out for a few minutes in the evening to grab some ice cream.

These two little ones just LOVE white ice cream with M&M's on top.

We are ready for the fall, football and cooler weather. 

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Jennifer said...

Glad everything is gong well and congrats on the new baby. Kennedy has ended up in the little baby stroller several times . . . . when mom was away and daddy was watching the girls. So . . watch out :)