Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strike a pose

So while we are waiting for baby butler to arrive, I have been spoiled to have a few of my nieces here to help babysit.  We went shopping and I found this really cool hat from Claires for $1.00, so Megan snapped a picture of me being goofy.  (which might I add, I have some pictures of those girls I HAVE TO POST)
I mean you would think it was girls jumped right in and thought they should strike a pose too.
Then, Willow decided she needed to talk to baby brother about coming out.
I just kept standing there and the pictures that Megan got were so funny, check out Scarlett's face.
Of course, Willow wanted to continue to pose.  She was so upset that Arial wouldn't put her hand on her hip.
Finally, she decided to pose like Ariel.  So with the girls help she was able to strike a pose!  Daddy and I are trying to relish these little memories before #3 comes, its so much fun!!
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