Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hello 39 weeks

The girls and I waiting for little LJ to arrive.
39 weeks!

The hubby and I before we went to Scarlett's Kindergarten Ice Cream Social last night.  You can tell he was so excited to be taking pictures.  Thanks to Megan, my niece for taking some quick pictures.
I can't believe that this pregnancy is almost any day.  I am trying to hold onto the weekend and possibly have the baby next week.  I am due on Wednesday but found out that actually 5% of mothers actually deliver on their due date.    Thinking I might attempt to pull that off.  I was a weekish late with both the girls so we shall see.  
It's funny to look back at this picture of when I was around 4ish months and I thought I was a house....puts things into perspective now. 
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