Thursday, April 29, 2010

And then they came

Kind of like the song,
In came the animals two by two
Well, it was people
My sisters and
Scarlett and Willow's cousins

But let me just say
JOY send me pictures as I only have about 5.
I forgot to give Scarlett my camera.

Around Christmas, we decided to go to a girlfriends wedding, which was about 6 hours away, and we asked for sitters.
Joy decided she would just have to do it. You know, come down to Florida and lay out at the beach and pool, but have to watch a few kids too. So Amy decided to tag along and bring two of her kids.


Eli came


and Cooper


and they all just loved our house.


Willow even loved getting spoiled by Aunt Amy.


We are so blessed that we can rely on our family when we need them the most. Aunt Joy, please send us pictures so we can post on our blog. Until then, you can check out Joy's blog as I am sure she will post a few.

Thank you so much, as we had a wonderful weekend get away and to Cooper and Kora who got sick from what Willow, Scarlett and Ryan had.

Can't wait to see the Ingold Family in Florida in July. Can I get a whooo-whooo!!
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