Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Weekend!!

Scarlett reviewing the resurrection eggs. She is doing so good, she knows what each egg stands for or at least can describe it. I think her favorite egg is the "crown of thorns" that Jesus wore. She puts it on her head and tells us about it. Train em up Train em up!!!


After our small group preschool, Conner stayed at our house because his mommy had an appointment. Scarlett and Conner are really good friends, and Conner tends to protect Scarlett, especially at church.

We received a package that day and this was the wrapping in it, so I laid it on the ground and let them run on it. It was so fun, I actually had to take part in it.


Do I post enough pictures of our little Willow?
Ok, maybe not so little, but she is a champ.
She is eating fruit for breakfast and a veggie for dinner. We added puffs and yogurt melts too. She loves putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.
She is teething. At least that's what I tell people everyday when they look at my crazy.
She gets on all fours and then nose dives...its classic.
She ends up all over the carpet but not sure how.
She loves the swing on the pool deck.
She is breastfeeding like a champ, although mommy is ready to throw in the towel for selfish reasons.(lose weight)
(commercial break: i have 8 lbs to go before June) and now i only have 7 more....YAHHH)
She is adored by Scarlett.
Willow has a stronger personality then Scarlett...ahhhh, pretty sure that comes from daddy.


Stopped off at a Emma's Birthday Party on Saturday.

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