Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you ever drove down the road and saw the store Learning Resources and just about crash your car trying to get to it? I did and I said "bingo."


I found a Learning Resources store driving home from the airport and spent well, too much money there. But I can't believe how lucky I was to find the store. I picked this sorting game up for Scarlett. So excited, as it as many different ways to use it.

Have you ever went to a consignment store and found the "busy bible" and thought "bingo?" It was my lucky day. I found it and I love it.


As you can imagine it keeps Scarlett busy. I hope you checked out the link, they are really expensive and I got it for 12.99....SO EXCITED!!

Have you ever figured out that two outfits match without even knowing it? Bingo!! My mother in law bought both of these outfits at least 6 months apart and Bingo, I put them on the girls and they match!!


Have you ever told your daughter to turn a certain way so that you could take a picture of the cute hair bow? Bingo, it worked


I hope you have a Bingo today!!
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