Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Girls

Scarlett is turning into our little diva. She loves to put make-up on every morning. She can't wait to go to the castle at Disney soon.


Scarlett during learning time. I have been wanting to update our educational blog but things always seem to come up.

Scarlett is working on a kite for the letter K.

Willow was all about learning time with Scarlett. As long as you are close enough that Willow THINKS you are talking to her you are GOOD> When Scarlett and I are talking, Willow thinks she is right in on it too. She just laughs away.


Get ready for the mean face.
Willow is into the whole let me get up on my knees and swing back and forth.
She hasn't quite figured out the crawling thing yet, but is trying.
Every time I sit her up, she flips over on all fours. After awhile she gets mad because she can't move or she will nose dive. Its too funny.

This picture is BEFORE the NOSE dive, one of these days she will figure out if she moves her arm forward she will crawl...

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