Saturday, April 03, 2010

Jenna stopped over to enjoy the wonderful meal. I am so kidding, I am not a cook. And our neighbor Alec, was there all afternoon too.


Jenna brought over dessert, which Scarlett loved. She loves cupcakes especially the icing.


You could say that the Easter bunny brought me a gift. The night before while we were at Stars on Ice(pictures to come), Ryan took Willow to get some monitors. We have officially moved Willow out of our room and into Scarlett's.


Blurry but they work.. and they don't go
they are crystal clear... Thank you honey for buying me the top ones on consumer reports, they actually work!!
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Yes, Willow is over 7 months and moved out of our room. It probably would have happened on Day 3 for Willow, but between feedings an waking Scarlett up, it just worked out that she was in our room.

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