Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grand Weekend

Grand Weekend at the Grand Floridian.

While Vicki was in town, I slipped away for about 24 hours to spend some time with Ryan in Orlando.

He was there for business and let me tell you, I felt like business. It's nice to roll in his world for less then 24 hours. It makes me feel important or something.


The place


The fireworks


The castle from our room.... ok, you might have to click on the picture to actually see the castle.

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However, I left on Saturday night to spend the night with Ryan. Then, in the morning I was chillin poolside. I was perched on my chair WITHOUT KIDS, my ipod, my studies and my cell phone.

I called Vicki to see how the kids were and they were great.
BUT not Vicki.
She was SICK, so sick.
She was th ...well, we won't get into details.
BUT, I took my perched little body,
packed up and went home to spend the time with the kids
and help Grandma get better.

She did and all went well, we passed the sickness to her
that our whole house had been sick.

Overall, it was a nice little get away and we loved having her in town.

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