Saturday, April 03, 2010


When Scarlett woke up we had eggs all over the house. She loved it, she was so excited that the Easter Bunny came to her house.


We even hid one on Willow. HA


Embarrassing I know...
You know how everyone has those cute Easter Pictures of their families.
Well, not us this year.
Its not a bad thing,
I really didn't get the girls all dolled up with expensive outfits
Willow wore Scarlett's clothes from like last month..ha
ok, really i think it was a 12 month outfit
and Scarlett wore a simple little grey polka dotted dress
that is 2T and HUGE on her

Of course I wore pink, but I think the dress is like 10 years old.
Ryan, well, actually I can't even remember what he wore.
I was up early helping at the church and then stayed late.
Ryan took Willow home to give her a nap
and well, Hence

this is about the best I can do.
I was a little exhausted,
The last class of kids that i taught was a little rough,
i had about 16 kids and a child well, that tried to escape the whole time..
needless to say the day was great
and after a little relaxing time in the afternoon I was ready to make the


By the way, the little shopping cart and cookie tray was part of what the Easter bunny brought her. The shopping cart was her "basket."

Although looking back,
I am not sure why we didn't just go to
and then I remembered
that Scarlett
doesn't eat
ANY, and yes
i said ANY
Grrr...its something we will work on instantly with Willow

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Scarlett tries to eat french fries because she sees her friends and she "tries"to be cool, but she just ends up asking for milk, or corn, or just the bun.

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