Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

On Saturday it was a busy day. We went and ran the 5k in the morning at our local town center. Jess, my girlfriend helped me and we ran with the double stroller. We managed to do all of this under 50 minutes.

change willow's diaper...she exploded
feed i didn't pop anything out, i gave her a bottler
scarlett went to the bathroom in the weeds
mommy walked about 1/2 mile with 23lbs of willow in the baby bjorn
we walked/ran 3.1 miles
took pictures of the adventure
talked to almost everyone at the race

I have to get the pictures that everyone posted on facebook and post on my blog.

Right after that, we went to dance class.

Then, off to a birthday party.

It was Cameron's 4th and his little sister Marlee's first birthday.

A few of the girls with the bounce house in the back.


Willow just chillin on the blanket


Willow and mommy


The birthday siblings.


I think Scarlett was playing and in the bounce house the whole time. I didn't think to take pictures of her...ha.

After the party we actually went to Saturday night service at church... Whew, we were exhausted. It was a very long and exciting day.
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