Friday, April 09, 2010

We are so excited Daddy

Scarlett could hardly contain herself for when daddy was coming home. He usually works from home or is on the road but on his birthday he was just up in Jax.


Happy Birthday to you!!!


Scarlett just loved it.


We surprised him and had 30 people send him their "best" memory with a "best" buy giftcard of 5$. My goal was to work up to the golf gps. I bought the rest of the gps for his birthday. We haven't purchased it yet, but I think its going to be super cool walking into best buy and cashing in all these gift cards, i am thinking he is going to make me do it.

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You know, just in case you don't know where the water or sand is on the golf course, this gps tells you.
You know, just in case you need to look up one of 17,000 courses, its right at your fingertips.
You know, just in case you love golf as much as my husband, you have a gps to tell you where you hit the ball.
You know, just in case you NEVER buy anything for yourself and the one thing you want is a golf gps, I think its great if you get it.

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