Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fun

On Friday, I had my little preschool class over to the house. Afterwards, Conner and Jase stayed. Conner's mommy was at work and I called Kristi and told her I would watch Jase. Jase's daddy serves our country over seas. She is a wonderful woman and we met each other at church from playdates, sunday school and small group on Sunday nights. I am so thankful for people like Jason. When I work with Jase it brings tears to my eyes sometimes knowing that his daddy isn't there all the time and that he gives up so much to serves sooo many.

Jase, Conner and Scarlett playing in the pool.


They even attempted to get in, although it was a little cold.


They also tortured the sand/water table but had sooo much fun.

Willow loves her walker.
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