Friday, April 09, 2010

Mind Dump

- Can't get these ads off of my blog, I clicked on something and now can't get out of it.
- I need to dump the pictures from my old camera on my laptop and I will upload those soon.
- Loved the Golden Lion with my hubby last night and the girls had a great time too.
- One thing that I love to do is get my hair done, either its 2 hours of peace or 2 hours of relaxation...LOVE IT
- Taking Scarlett to dance in the morning, off to a birthday party and then a day by the pool.
- Ryan loved getting birthday cards in the mail. THANK YOU TO ALL!!
- Willow is a little chunka munka, she is in size 3 diapers and I really think I will buy size 4 from here on out. (Scarlett only wore up to size 3)
- Scarlett is such a big girl, she has been working on writing daddy's name and Willow's. She is working on sight words and loves the word ME. (imagine that)
- I am officially married to a 30 year old and consider myself to be young. About 8 more weeks and I will be 30. The goal: lose weight ... can i do it? The goal is about 8 lbs, which consist of about a pound a week...grrr.
- Just got my new canopy for my double stroller in the mail. The cover that is originally on the double stroller doesn't exactly cover the sun. So I had to buy an extended canopy for the stroller. However, 40$ double jogging stroller +40 sun cover canopy = good buy!!
- I have been rollerblading a few miles with the girls in the double and the sun just beats down (even at 7:00 at night). But the girls love it!!

Happy Birthday Liz!!

Have a great weekend!!

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