Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

I am a few days behind on my blog, and a few days late on a birthday.
My mother in law flew into town about a day or two after her birthday. I am so blessed to have married a man with such wonderful parents. I love his family so much and we are very spoiled to be surrounded by such a loving family.

Ryan was traveling a lot in April and so Vicki (mil) flew down for the weekend to help and for us to get a night away.

We went to the local airport to eat with some friends and the girls just love Grandma I-I. Happy Birthday and thank you for spoiling your grandkids.


She is always so thoughtful and bought a "red" bear for "scarlett" on her first Christmas. Her thoughtful gifts are always themed and its just too cute.


This is a random picture I found from our moving party. We were moving from Ohio to Florida and while I was taking this picture, Scarlett's hat fell off. Well, ya'll know how I am with accessories, I think I rubbed off on my mother in law, as I caught her in the act of fixing it.


When my mother in law flew into Orlando, we stopped at the Rainforest Cafe. I had the servers surprise her with singing Happy Birthday (for those that know Vicki, YES SHE WAS VERY EMBARRASSED, but i told her it was for the sake of Scarlett watching them sing and all of sudden it was FINE...grandkids, they get away with everything)

Happy Birthday to my kind and sweet Mother in law that loves us so much, we miss that we can't just drive over to see your dog or play with the Barbie car. But sending sweet birthday kisses your way from the girls, oh, and Ryan too.


I am sure if Ryan was blogging and someday I might have to show him my level of technology he would be wishing his mother Happy Birthday as well.
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