Saturday, April 10, 2010

I ordered a cake, and dropped it off during the day.
Scarlett was distraught. She kept asking why we were leaving the cake.
I thought for sure I had ruined it.
When we went home, Ryan was golfing.
I curved her thinking
and tried to NOT let her think of any type of cake.

I think I surprised him.


Danny and Kristen came too


Jess and I just chillin

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We had a really good time. I hope my husband did as well.
He is going golfing this week and meeting up with some of his friends. I hope he enjoys it. He always looks forward to spending time with the guys, and of course golfing. It's something he has always enjoyed before we were married, before we had kids and now, while we have kids. I love to see him doing things he enjoys.

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