Thursday, April 22, 2010

Night out

Can I tell you that my husband is so good about letting me get out for a few hours without kids. I love to go to Starbucks, take my bible studies and do nothing. That might be on the top of the list. But others that make the top five is hanging out with precious girlfriends.

I went to a dinner party thing with Rachael, because she is running for our local school board. Jill was speaking at it, so it worked out great. Jill is teacher of the year for our county so I felt like I was multi-tasking (and not in a busy way either)

Here is Jill.


They talked about this S.T.U.F.F Bus. ... This is Nicole.

It was nice to eat a meal and actually finish it. (sitting with the black coat is Rachael)


The dinner wasn't even that great but it didn't really matter. As I knew I was going to a pampered chef party later in the evening. It was at my neighbors house and she just started selling.

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Thanks to my husband for always being so kind to me and our children. He travels often and I always feel bad if he is home for a night throwing that kids at him (literally). But he takes it in great stride. Thanks Babe!

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